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St. James United Church,
5540 Osgoode Main Street,
Osgoode ON  K0A 2W0

11:00 am Regular Sunday Services and Sunday School

All are welcome! Please join us.

This Week at Worship

And a lovely Friday to you. For those on the cusp of March break, of holidays; for those looking forward to the weekend, to some down-time; for those thinking, oh rats, Friday already and longing for Monday; may this day and the weekend be one of laughter, rest, meaning, and Spirit-filled.


We gather for worship on this Fourth Sunday in Lent at Trinity at 9:30 a.m. and St. James at 11 a.m. In a time of rushing here, there and everywhere; in a time of demands, demands, demands, come and rest in the sacred space of your worship community. We shall sing, pray, continue our journey to the Cross of Good Friday, listen for God's living words for us and rest in God's love.


Our Scripture readings on Sunday are from Psalm 107, verses 1 through 3 and 17 through 22 and the Gospel of John, Chapter 3, verses 14 through 21.


It is not often that I include the Psalm reading at worship. Psalm 107 is a lovely reading for it speaks to us, reminds us that God's love for each one of us is always present and everlasting. I thought of that as I stood in line at a particular drug store chain Thursday afternoon buying wee gifts for our book study. (Yes, I have been known to buy little gifts from time to time - yet another reason to join our book study.) As I placed what I wanted to purchase on the counter at the check-out, the cashier looked up at me and asked a question which I didn't hear. "Pardon me" I said. She said it again in a louder voice, "are you over 55?" I thought, how sweet of you, I love you, and said "indeed I am" (only remembering right then that Thursday is Senior's day at this particular drug store chain). And I thought to myself, I am going to get "carded" - that has not happened in, well, like forever. Me feeling so proud about my youthful looks that the cashier had to ask my age, said to the cashier, "would you like to see my id?" To which looked at me again and replied, "Sorry sir, that won't be necessary." Deflated I was and my love for her went "poof," as in gone, as into the thin air it went. My love for her may have been short-lived but God's love for me, for her, for all of us is everlasting. There is a silver lining to my first-ever 55 plus purchase - I saved 60 cents!


Our reading from the Gospel of John includes a very well known verse, John 3:16. I won't remind you what it is as I suspect you know it by heart. I still recall winning some sort of prize from being able to call it out at Vacation Bible School way, way, way back in time. Our reading is part of a larger conversation that takes place between Nicodemus, a leader in the community and Jesus.


Let's join together this Sunday to hear God's living words for us.


Also, I draw your attention to the following:


1. It's Friday. That means Friday night dinner is but a few hours away. Have I got a solution to your "what shall we have for dinner woes?" Plan to dine out tonight, Friday March 9, at Trinity Kars for their Annual Chili Supper with a selection of great home made chili's and desserts. Let us feed you and do the dishes tonight.  Adults $15, kids under 12 Free. From 4:30 to 6:30 tonight, Friday, March 9. Come on. You need to eat. Bring your family and friends too! Take-out also available but sadly we can't make house calls to do your Friday night dinner dishes.


2. After digesting your Friday evening meal, Saturday morning will roll around soon enough and look, you're hungry again. Well then, come on over to St. James community breakfast Saturday morning - as in tomorrow - March 10. From 8 thru 10 a.m. eat, laugh, and enjoy community-making. All are welcome. Free-will offering.


3. Last but not least. Day-light saving times begins this Sunday at 2 a.m. This Saturday night - March 10 - turn your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed. You surely do not want to be walking into church while the rest of us are leaving.


Blessings on your day.

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