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St. James United Church,
5540 Osgoode Main Street,
Osgoode ON  K0A 2W0

Regular Service: Sunday 9:30am

All are welcome! Please join us.

This Week at Worship

Happy Friday to you. What a beautiful day it is. The temperature is above freezing and there was rain this morning! Not freezing rain. Just good old rain. This is good. Or, this is how desperate I am to take comfort in what feels like a warm day. But, this beautiful day will pass and we'll be back to proper winter weather. Enjoy it while you can is my motto for the next few hours at least.


This Sunday we gather to worship and be in community with one another: St. James at 9:30 a.m. and Trinity at 11 a.m. Do note there is no Sunday school at Trinity as it is a long weekend for some lucky folks. Younger folks are encouraged to be present at worship itself.


Our scripture readings are from Jeremiah, Chapter 17, verses 5 through 10 and the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 6, verses 17 through 26. I am not yet sure what to make of our Scripture readings. In our first reading, the Prophet Jeremiah, speaking and acting on behalf of God, announces a series of curses and blessings on God's beloved people. We hear a similar theme in our Gospel reading which offers Luke's version of the Beatitudes. Unlike the Beatitudes offered in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5, Luke's account of Jesus' Beatitudes also contain woes. Calling the poor, the hungry, those who mourn and the reviled, blessed, Luke records Jesus proclaiming woe to the rich, to the full, to those who laugh, and those who are popular. Ouch. Really? Let's get together to explore God's Living Words for us this Sunday.


Do note that next Sunday, February 24, worship is Joint at Trinity, 11 a.m. Trinity annual congregational meeting will immediately follow an abbreviated worship service. Please plan to attend.


May you be blessed with a great day and weekend wherever you may be.



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