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St. James United Church,
5540 Osgoode Main Street,
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11:00 am Regular Sunday Services and Sunday School

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This Week at Worship



We gather at worship this Sunday (Trinity at 9:30 and St. James at 11) and in Word, prayer and hymns, we read, hear and live again the Palm-Passion Story. Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week and our scripture readings come from the Gospel of Mark. We will hear of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and move through our sacred story to his Crucifixion on the cross. Many of us do not make it out to our Ecumenical Good Friday service so on Palm-Passion Sunday we hear the story again to keep God's story, our story, alive in our hearts and spirits as we journey together to Easter.


For Trinity folks - please note Sunday school begins at the start of worship this Sunday. If your kids are attending, they are to head directly downstairs at the beginning of worship.


There are a number of worship services planned for the Pastoral Charge this coming Holy Week. Click on HOLY WEEK & EASTER SERVICES 2018 to see details.


Now I could and maybe should end this weekly message here, but the Rev. Grant has got a rant that has been developing since Tuesday of this week. So, here goes:


I want to run away. If you've got a piece of land for sale - say, 100 miles x 100 miles in size, drop me a line. Or, if you have a roof rack, an unused kayak and a desert island, I am your guy to take those off your hands.


You see, I think a lot about things.


For example, I think about: worship, the state of the Church (including our two little churches), how the people of OKPC are getting on, Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and how we encounter the Holy One, God, every day of our lives and how we continue to contribute to the on-going Crucifixion of Jesus by our words or actions or lack thereof. Sometimes my heart and head hurt from all that thinking.


Given the news this week and of late about trade wars, on-going wars in faraway places, the indiscriminate killing of people simply trying to survive in places of war, homelessness, panhandling, school shootings, drive-by shootings, Facebook antics and so much more, I have thoughts of packing it in from time to time to flee to a place where there is no news coverage, no Facebook, no email, no tv, and no sales flyers to simply live in amazement and appreciation of God's good creation. What got me started on this rant was seeing a sales flyer from a major Canadian retailer that came out the middle of the week advertising "The Big Easterhunt Sale." Really, what is an Easter hunt sale? I don't think they are promoting a spiritual hunt for Jesus nor for the Holy. Rather, I am offended by this retailer who sees Easter as simply all about sales and profits.


As much as I may want to run away, I know (sadly) that is not possible nor the best option. While I don't like the news of late, I do think for Holy Week, maybe I'd be a better person if I avoided the news on the radio, in the paper, on the tv. Maybe I'd be more at peace with the world if I stayed off social media. Maybe I'd be more calm (don't worry my blood pressure is good) if for Holy Week, I simply centred myself in our sacred story in word and in music.


As much as there is so much wrong with our world, as broken as our world can be from time to time, maybe I'd do well to tune out the news and focus on the good for there is so much good. There is the compassion shared at a beloved's death; there is love shared as people happily tell how they are making out with the 40 days, 40 things Lenten challenge, there is kindness shared in those who simply go about doing the work of the church, being the Body of Christ, in our community and in our world in big ways and so many small ways. These are the important things. For Holy Week, let us live in these small moments of kingdom building as we journey to the Cross of Good Friday and the Good News of Easter Sunday.


Blessings on your weekend and see you on Sunday,

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