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St. James United Church,

5540 Osgoode Main Street,

Osgoode ON  K0A 2W0

Regular Service: Sunday 11:00am


All are welcome! Please join us.

This Week at Worship

Happy, sunny, glorious Friday.


We've been blessed with gorgeous weather the last few days and the promise of more to come. I hope you've been out for walks to not only take in the beautiful scent of spring but also to witness new life all around.


"Worship at Home" materials are here for this Sunday. In prayers, hymns and words we will give God our worship. Ronda is reading scripture, Paul is leading us in music and Connie and Mary Hagerman are running Zoom (behind the scenes even though you'll see their smiling faces). I look forward to being in community with you on Sunday.


Connection details will be emailed.


Have a great day and weekend. See you (or hear you as the case may be) Sunday morning.


Until then, may God bless you and keep you.


P.S. Because you long for amusement and joy (we take it in whatever form we can): What do you get when two plants kiss? Tulips!!! I am sure that Joan Wyatt, when she takes over the weekly email for the summer, will far surpass my level of humour.


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