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St. James United Church,

5540 Osgoode Main Street,

Osgoode ON  K0A 2W0

Regular Service: Sunday 11:00am


All are welcome! Please join us.

This Week at Worship

And a happy Friday to you. The sun is shining. The air is fresh. And God's creation is slowly re-awakening from a time of sabbath rest.


I trust you have had a good week, one that has been better than than mine. Let me share. I have been been doing so well with my cardiac rehab and walking, averaging 7 plus miles a day with no problems. Until Tuesday evening that is. Somehow, I managed during my walk to (and I did not fall nor stumble in case you are wondering) place my left foot down on the sidewalk as I neared home and felt a crack or a tear. Suffice it to say I broke a bone in my left foot and am now the proud owner of an air boot, crutches and pain meds. It is discouraging after all the progress I have made but this shall pass and heal in due time. My unfortune is also why those who I would drop off worship at home materials on their doorstep will not see me Friday morning until I am mobile once again.


Thankfully we have virtual worship and we are invited to gather this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. to give God our worship this Third Sunday in Lent. To that end, worship materials for Sunday are here. Please have them with you.


A reminder: issued from the office email address this past Wednesday was a message from your respective church board chairs (Ronda Griesbach / Heather Renton) seeking your input on two questions by end of day Wednesday, March 10. The message only went to those who are members of either church or who have attended worship semi-regularly over the last number of years. Please respond to the questions.


Have a great Friday and hope to see and or hear you on Sunday.


May God bless you today and always.


Rev. Grant McNeil


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