Meet Our Minister

Grant McNeil


“A time of (more) Sabbath rest: for our own good,

for the good of others, for the good of God’s creation!”


Dear Friends in Christ,


I leave you Monday, June 1 until early September. It would be my preference to say goodbye

in person with warm words and a hug, but sadly, that is not possible. We are living in a different



I know many are tired of this new way of living and being that began in March, but it is for

our own good and for the health and wellbeing of others and the wider world. I am looking

forward to Sabbath rest and a time to re-charge. To say the last few months have been eventful

would be an understatement. So much has happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to our

‘normal’ way of being in the world, especially in how we worship and relate to one another; and,

for me personally. However, this truth remains: while our buildings have been closed, church has

not closed. Not now. Not ever. God is with us as we continue to be the Living Church in the

World and as we navigate these new challenges before us. I continue to be inspired by your

resilience and our congregations’ imagination in finding ways to fulfil our mission in these

unprecedented times.


In preparing for my absence, your Joint Worship Committee has worked hard to recruit

leaders who will offer “Worship at Home.” Thank you to the St. James UCW, Connie Bazil,

Deanna Barkley and Ronda and Jeff Griesbach for offering to prepare worship materials over the

coming weeks. As well, your Pastoral Connections Team continues their ministry of presence,

care and compassion. Their names and phone numbers appear on page 2 and I encourage you to

hang on to this letter so you might stay in touch. Do not hesitate to call them for any reason even

if it is as simple as wanting to have a phone conversation. I extend my appreciation to all who are

sharing their gifts with our wider community and to each of you for being the church in the



Until we are together again (in whatever form that might look like), have a blessed, restful,

healthy and safe summer. Continue to be the living church in the world. Keep washing your

hands. Don’t touch your face. Practice physical distancing. Rest often. Pray often. Worship God

and give thanks to God for the blessings of life. And, finally, laugh and smile every day!

Rev. Grant McNeil

Osgoode-Kars Pastoral Charge

The United Church of Canada


“Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”

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